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Quality, integrity and trust are part of the blue prints for each of our projects.

We provide high-quality urethane traffic coatings designed for both pedestrian and vehicular use. Our installed systems offer long-lasting waterproofing and wear protection. Additionally, our custom-fabricated metal flashings for decks are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.


Our applied systems are versatile and can fulfill a wide range of project needs, including those with low VOC requirements, LEED certifications, applications under tile, pavers, concrete, or situations that require fast curing.


For foundations, daylight basements, and planters, our installations encompass VOC-compliant cold fluid-applied membrane coatings that can be applied to green concrete. We complete the installation with a multi-composite drainage and protection board, ensuring the safeguarding of below-grade structures against water intrusion. Unlike typical inexpensive spray-applied dam-proof coatings, our system can bridge cracks and is impermeable to water.


For even more robust waterproofing protection, we provide CCW MiraCLAY Bentonite Clay Waterproofing. This system is specially constructed utilizing sodium bentonite clay. Ideal for waterproofing lagging walls, concrete caissons and diverse zero lot line applications.


Commercial kitchens, food & beverage plants and manufacturing require tough, durable floor coatings that can handle high heat, mild chemicals, abresion and wear.

We install seamless, self leveling urethane cement coating systems that will offer the protection that your floor needs.


Our systems can be installed during a short shut down period to get operations back up and running again.

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