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Surface SOLUTIONS inc.

Certified Waterproofing contractor 

Since 2001, our family-owned business has proudly served Western Washington with a commitment to excellence. We specialize in deck, below grade and water features waterproofing providing top-tier service to protect your outdoor spaces with the highest quality craftsmanship.

At our core, we blend tradition with innovation to ensure your outdoor spaces stand the test of time. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering not just service, but a partnership. When you choose us, you're choosing a trusted ally in preserving your outdoor oasis.


Quality Guaranteed Our team of waterproofers has the expertise to do the job right.


Licensed and professional 
We are a licensed contractor in the state of Washington 


Each project is executed carefully to deliver always on time

Our services

Westcoat system

Experience unmatched strength, durability, and a sophisticated design with Westcoat’s waterproof deck coating system.

 Formulated for plywood and concrete surfaces, this system integrates the finest acrylic resins and cement blends into a reinforced, galvanized metal lath. We add fiber lath reinforced membrane for heavy traffic surfaces.
Westcoat systems provide a solution for transforming a wood subfloor or patio to a decorative concrete or epoxy finish. We also waterproof your exterior deck over living space.

polyurethane coatings

cold-applied traffic deck coating system designed for deck and patios waterproofing.

This unique waterproofing system is designed to have tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical stability. The elastomeric properties of this type of system enable the complete assembly to give and work with concrete slabs, plywood decks and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage. Additionally, the system will protect your surfaces from the damaging effects of water, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and anti-freeze.

Below grade / foundations

For foundations, daylight basements, and planters, our installations encompass VOC-compliant cold fluid-applied membrane coatings that can be applied to green concrete. We complete the installation with a multi-composite drainage and protection board, ensuring the safeguarding of below-grade structures against water intrusion. Unlike typical inexpensive spray-applied dam-proof coatings, our system can bridge cracks and is impermeable to water
For even more robust waterproofing protection, we provide CCW MiraCLAY Bentonite Clay Waterproofing.

  • What is the life expectancy of your systems? What is the warranty?
    We offer industry-leading materials that allow us to provide warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years. When properly maintained, these materials can last for up to 30 years or even longer. We maintain regular contact with manufacturers to stay updated on new material installation techniques, ensuring maximum performance in our systems.
  • What type of waterproofing services does Surface Solutions offer?
    Surface Solutions offers a variety of waterproofing services, including foundation waterproofing, new and existing deck sealing and coating, outdoor surfaces waterproofing and more. We will work with you to find the right waterproofing solution to fit your needs and budget.
  • Is there any inspection performed before any project?
    After getting in contact and reviewing your situation, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine which waterproofing system is suitable for your needs. Ensuring the quality of the project and the ultimate satisfaction of our clients is of the utmost importance to us.
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